User Experience (UX) Analysis

User experience (UX) analysis is the process of measuring the interaction between a user and a product. The products Logical Imagination is hired to assess are typically user interfaces for websites, apps or other digital designs.

We use measurement tools like A/B testing, eye tracking, surveys, interviews and usability testing to analyze user experience. User experience analysis often leads to changes in the design or user interface of a product to maximize user engagement, such as keeping users on a page longer, giving them a better, more enjoyable experience, and ultimately driving conversion rate optimization (CRO).

According to Peter Morville, user experience is not meaningful or valuable unless it incorporates all the following benefits reflected in Mooreville’s User Experience Honeycomb:

  • UsefulDoes the content fill a need?
  • UsableIs it easy to use?
  • FindableIs it easy to find what is needed at any time?
  • CredibleIs it trustworthy and believable?
  • ValuableDoes it deliver value? Advance the mission or contribute to the bottom line?
  • DesirableDoes it evoke positive emotion and appreciation?
  • AccessibleIs it usable by people with disabilities?

Logical Imagination measures each product and project against these UX benchmark goals.

Mooreville’s User Experience Honeycomb