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This course teaches you the essential RoboHelp skills needed to create and deliver user assistance (help systems, policies and procedures, and knowledgebases). Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of creating new RoboHelp projects and topics from scratch. Learn to import content from Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, PDFs, and HTML files. Enhance your topics with graphics, dynamic effects (DHTML), multimedia (eLearning content created using Adobe Captivate). Improve the navigation of your content by adding hyperlinks, indexes, and glossaries. Increase your production efficiency by learning about cascading style sheets, variables, snippets, and master pages. Learn how to control the look of the final WebHelp output via Skins. Generate output (Single Source Layouts) that will allow you to deliver help content to the iPad and other tablets, smartphones, and desktops using output formats such as Responsive HTML5, Multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, Microsoft HTML Help, Adobe AIR Help, PDF, and eBooks.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Oct 30 - Oct 31
  • Nov 14 - Nov 15
  • Dec 12 - Dec 13




You will need the following software/setup for this class:

  • Adobe RoboHelp 2017


Adobe RoboHelp 2017

  • Introduction to Adobe RoboHelp
    • Open an Existing Project
    • Explore the Pods
    • Create a Workspace
    • Create, Edit and Manage Topics
    • Explore a TOC and an Index
    • Generate HTML Help
    • Generate WebHelp
    • Generate Responsive HTML5
    • Generate Compliant WebHelp
  • New Projects and Adding Content
    • Create a Blank Project
    • Create a New Topic
    • Rename and Delete Topics
    • Import an HTML File
    • Import a Word Document
    • Import a FrameMaker Document
    • Import a PDF
    • Edit in Code View
  • Project Structure and CSS
    • Create Project Folders
    • Create a TOC Book
    • Add Pages to TOC Books
    • Auto-Create a TOC
    • Apply a Style Sheet to a Topic
    • Apply Paragraph Styles
    • Create a Style Sheet
    • Create a Font Set
    • Use Inline Formatting
    • Create a Character Style
  • Editing Content
    • Use Spell Check
    • AutoCorrect Text
    • Use the Thesaurus
    • Find and Replace Text
    • Create a PDF for Review
    • Import Comments From a PDF
  • Links
    • Link to a Word Document
    • Edit a Linked Word Document
    • Insert Hyperlinks
    • Insert Bookmarks
    • Add a Topic TOC
    • Insert and work with Popups
    • Use Link View and Resolve Broken Links
  • Images and Multimedia
    • Insert Images
    • Add an Image Margin
    • Add a Background Image
    • Add Hotspots to a Graphic
    • Insert an Adobe Captivate Simulation
    • Use Dynamic HTML to Create a Drop-Down Hotspot
    • Work with Twisties
  • Reusing Content
    • Create a Conditional Build Tag
    • Apply a Conditional Build Tag
    • Create a Build Tag Expression
    • Create a New TOC
    • Apply Topic-Level Tags
    • Create Content Categories
    • Work with Dynamic Filters
    • Work With Variables
    • Work With Snippets
    • Share Dropbox Resources
  • Tables and Lists
    • Insert a Table
    • Insert a Table Row
    • Work With Table Styles
    • Change Table Properties
    • Add a Horizontal Line
    • Insert a Symbol
    • Add a Bulleted List
    • Create a List Style
    • Edit a List Style
    • Set Global Formatting
  • Indexes, Search, and Glossaries
    • Run the Smart Index Wizard
    • Remove and Add Index Entries
    • Add Keywords via Topic Properties
    • Add Subkeywords to the Index
    • Create a See Also Keyword
    • Insert a Link Control
    • Add Custom Search Terms
    • Add a Search Synonym
    • Create External Search
    • Add Glossary Terms
  • Skins and Master Pages
    • Create a Screen Layout
    • Generate Responsive HTML5
    • Create a WebHelp Skin
    • Customize a WebHelp Skin
    • Customize Search Highlight
    • Create a Master Page
    • Edit a Master Page
    • Add Breadcrumbs to a Master Page
  • Windows, Browsing and Context-Sensitive Help (CSH)
    • Create a Custom Window
    • Create a Browse Sequence
    • Test an API Call for Help
    • Publish Content
    • Review CSH Source Code
    • Create a WebHelp Window
    • Assign Map IDs
  • Docs, eBooks, and Scripts
    • Generate a Print Doc from Adobe RoboHelp to Microsoft Word
    • Create an eBook
    • Generate a Report
    • Work with Scripts