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Storyline is a powerful eLearning authoring tool that allows you to create interactive, professional-looking courses, presentations, and quizzes. Our 2-day introductory course teaches course developers how to create training titles, demonstrations, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and quizzes without any programming. You will learn the Storyline interface, understand scenes, slides, timeline features, and layers, publish your project as HTML5 and SWF, add narration by recording or importing audio, increase user interactivity with click, highlight, and text entry boxes, learn how to increase user interactivity and insert question and scoring slides, learn how to branch to different Slides and Scenes, import PowerPoint slides into a project, and create links to websites and to another project.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Oct 30 - Oct 31
  • Nov 5 - Nov 6
  • Dec 2 - Dec 3




You will need the following software/setup for this class:

Articulate Storyline 3 or 360


Articulate Storyline 3 and 360 - Introduction

  • Exploring Storyline
    • Planning eLearning Projects
    • Budgeting eLearning Projects
    • eLearning Development Phases
    • eLearning Development Process
    • Designing Storyline Slides
    • Fonts and Learning
    • Scripts
    • Storyboarding for Soft Skills
    • Explore a Finished Storyline Project
    • Explore Slides and Panels
    • Zoom and Magnify
    • Explore Panels
    • Preview the Entire Project
  • Creating Projects
    • Create a New Project
    • Apply a Theme
    • Apply a Content Master Slide
    • Insert New Slides
    • Create a New Content Master Slide
    • Apply a Different Master Layout to a Slide
    • Import Content from PowerPoint
  • Add Content
    • Create and Format a Text Box
    • Work with a List
    • Add an Image to a Slide
    • Add a Shape to a Slide
    • Customize a Shape
    • Insert a Character
    • Insert a Caption
  • Interactivity
    • Add Buttons to Slides
    • Change Button States
    • Create Layers
    • Insert a Text Entry Field
  • Triggers and Hotspots
    • Delete Default Triggers
    • Add a Trigger to a Button
    • Hide Player Buttons
    • Add Triggers to Layers
    • Add a Hide Layer Trigger
    • Add a Slide Trigger
    • Add a Conditional Trigger
    • Edit a Trigger
    • Add a Hotspot and Lightbox Trigger
  • Variables
    • Manage a Variable
    • Reference a Variable
    • Create a Variable
    • Manipulate a Variable with a Trigger
    • Create a True/False Variable
    • Create a Trigger to Change a True/False Variable
    • Add a Condition to an Existing Trigger
    • Play Audio with a Conditional Trigger
    • Add a Condition to a Button
  • Audio, Animation, and Video
    • Add Voiceover Audio to a Slide
    • Change Slide Audio
    • Edit Slide Audio
    • Add Silence
    • Record Voiceover Audio
    • Control Object Timing
    • Animate an Object
    • Control Animation Options
    • Insert Video
    • Delay Object Start Times
    • Trim Video
    • Animate a Video
    • Add a Slide Transition
  • Quizzes
    • Insert a Multiple Choice Slide
    • Insert a Matching Drag-and-Drop Slide
    • Insert a Freeform Drag-and-Drop Quiz Slide
    • Insert a Quiz Result Slide
  • Recording and Publishing
    • Rehearse a Script
    • Record a Video
    • Edit Player Properties
    • Reorder Slides and Edit Triggers
    • Publish Course Content