ASP.NET Core MVC Training


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ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform open source framework from Microsoft for creating powerful and fast web applications. This course provides a thorough and practical introduction to using MVC 6, C# and .NET Core 2.0 to build web applications using the MVC design pattern.

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Students should have a good understanding of HTML and CSS and be experienced C# developers.


You will need the following software/setup for this class:

Required software is Visual Studio 2017, which includes LocalDB, a lightweight version of SQL Server 2016 Express. The free Visual Studio Community 2017 may be used. The operating system should be Windows 7SP1 or more recent. Several free tools are also used. These can all be downloaded from the Web.



  • Introduction
    • Getting Started
    • .NET Core vs. Full Framework
    • Development Environments
    • The .NET CLI and Templates
  • ASP.NET Core Application Architecture
    • Startup Class
    • Configuration
    • Services
    • Middleware Pipeline
    • package.json
  • Routing and Controllers
    • Route Templates and RouteData
    • What Makes a Controller?
    • Action Methods
    • async and await
    • Inherited Content Methods
    • Session State and TempData
    • Attribute-Based Routing
  • Razor Views
    • Conventions and Layouts
    • Razor Syntax
    • ViewData and ViewBag
    • Strongly-Typed Views
    • HTML and URL Helpers
    • Tag Helpers
    • Partial Views
  • Services and Dependency Injection
    • Configuring Services
    • Service Lifetime
    • Injecting Services in Controllers
    • Injecting Services in Views
    • Injecting App Settings
  • Models
    • ViewModels vs. Domain Models
    • Model Binding
    • Route Data and URL Parameters
    • Entity Framework Core
  • Forms and Validation
    • Forms Using HTML Helpers
    • Forms Using Tag Helpers
    • Validation Using Attributes
    • Client-Side Validation
    • Custom Validation Code
  • ViewComponents
    • Motivation for ViewComponents
    • Creating ViewComponents
    • Invoking ViewComponents
    • Rendering Different Views
  • Advanced Topics
    • Areas
    • Display Templates
    • Editor Templates
    • Custom HTML Helper Methods
    • Custom Tag Helpers
  • Razor Pages
    • Basic Page Conventions
    • Adding a Model
    • Handling Events
    • Multiple Handlers
    • Binding Properties
    • Routing Constraints
  • Web API
    • Representational State Transfer
    • API Routes
    • API Controllers
    • HTTP Testing Tools
    • API Best Practices