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Electronic forms of communication have made the transfer of information quick, easy, and inexpensive. Since people work with a wide variety of devices running on a wide variety of platforms. And sometimes, Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF) as a solution to incompatible document formats. Adobe® Acrobat® DC puts the power of the PDF at your fingertips. In this Adobe Acrobat DC training course, you will learn the basic functionality and features available in Acrobat to ensure the integrity of your electronic documents regardless of who views them, on what devices, or with what operating systems. 

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Live Online Schedule

  • Nov 20
  • Dec 2
  • Jan 2
  • Feb 6
  • Mar 2


To ensure your success in this course, you should have basic experience with computers and exposure to Windows as well as common productivity tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.


You will need the following software/setup for this class:

  • Adobe® Acrobat® DC
  • Microsoft® Office


Acrobat DC - Introduction

  • Understanding PDF Documents
    • What is the PDF format?
    • Understanding the Acrobat Products
    • Opening and Browsing a PDF Document
  • Using the Acrobat Workspace
    • Examining the Parts of the Screen
    • Navigating Pages
    • Creating a Custom Toolset
  • Searching PDFs
    • Using the Find Function
    • Using Advanced Search
    • Creating a Full-Text Index
  • Creating PDF Documents
    • Creating PDFs with Microsoft Office Products
    • Creating PDFs with Adobe Applications
    • Printing to PDF
    • Creating PDFs from text and image files
    • Converting a Scan
    • Converting Selected Areas of a PDF and Clipboard Contents
  • Editing PDF Documents
    • Editing Text and Graphics
    • Editing Scanned Documents
    • Adding Hyperlinks
    • Creating Bookmarks
    • Adding File Attachments
  • Combining and Modifying PDF Pages
    • Combining Multiple PDFs
    • Inserting Pages
    • Replacing Pages
    • Changing Page Order
    • Rotating Pages
    • Extracting Pages
    • Cropping Pages
    • Splitting a Document
    • Adding Headers and Footers
    • Adding a Watermark
    • Using Bates Numbering
    • Adding Article Boxes
    • Using Built-in Actions
    • Working with Portfolios
    • Comparing Documents
  • Ensuring Accessibility
    • Understanding Accessibility
    • Checking for Accessibility
    • Adding Tags and Alternate Text
    • Controlling Reading Order
    • Exploring Setup Assistant