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The course starts with an introduction to Entity Framework, where you will learn about data access and object-relational mapping, how the Entity Framework works and the tools it provides, and you will see how to build an entity data model. Then you will explore the entity data model in more detail, where you will learn about the model designer and the raw XML that actually defines the conceptual, storage, and mapping models. You will also learn how you can use stored procedures and functions with Entity Framework. Next you will learn about the most important ways to query data using Entity Framework objects. You are most likely to use LINQ to Entities, but other options include Entity SQL and an Entity Client API. After that, you will learn about the ways that you can modify and customize the entity data objects, using the model designer, partial classes and methods, and events. Finally, you will learn about code-first development, which we are confident is going to become the primary way to develop new Entity Framework applications.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Oct 31
  • Nov 22
  • Dec 23


This course assumes you are familiar with the Entity Framework and using Visual Studio 2010 or higher.


Developing Applications with Entity Framework 4.1

  • Introduction
    • Prerequisites
    • Installing the Practice Files
      • Software Requirements
      • Sample Database
      • The Chapter Files
  • Introducing the Entity Framework
    • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) and Data Access
      • Object/Relational Differences
      • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
      • Generic Data Objects vs. Entity Objects
      • Data Programming Against a Model
  • The Entity Framework and Data Model
    • Why Use Entity Framework?
    • When Should You Not Use Entity Framework or an ORM?
  • Building a Simple Application Using Entity Framework
    • Building the Entity Data Model and Objects
    • Exploring the New Entity Object Project
  • Entity Framework APIs and Tools
    • Entity Data Model Designer
    • Object Services
    • Entity Framework Services
  • The Entity Data Model
    • Introduction
      • The Models within the Model
  • Creating and Using an Entity Data Model
    • Creating a Model Using Database-First Design
    • Creating a Model Using Model-First Design
    • Explore the Model with the Model Browser
  • Entity Data Model in the Raw
    • The Designer Section
    • The Runtime Section
    • Model Build Mechanics
  • Using Stored Procedures in the Model
    • Updating the Model from the Database
    • Using Stored Procedures for an Entity's Insert, Update, and Delete Functions
    • Using Stored Procedures that Read Data
    • Using Stored Procedures the Return a Scalar Value
  • Lab 2: The Entity Data Model
    • Lab 2 Overview
    • Create a New Model from a Database
    • Update a Database to Include Stored Procedures
    • Use a Stored Procedure to Read Data
  • Querying and Updating Entity Framework Data
    • Overview of Querying Options
      • Entity Framework Query Options
      • Building and Testing Queries with LINQPad
      • A Very Simple Query
  • Using a LINQ to Entities
    • A LINQ Primer
    • LINQ to Entities
    • Projections
    • Querying Related Data
    • Grouping
  • Other Querying Options
    • Querying with Entity SQL
    • Directly Querying EntityClient
  • Updating Entities and Saving Data
    • Updating Existing Entities
    • Inserting New Entities
    • Deleting Entities
  • Lab 3: Querying and Updating Entity Framework Data
    • Lab 3 Overview
    • LINQ to Entities Puzzles
    • Build an Application Using LINQ to Entities
  • Customizing Entities
    • Unleash the Power of Object Relational Mapping
      • The Sample AWLT Model
  • Modifying Entities in the Model Designer
    • Organizing the Model
    • Cleaning Up the Model
    • Default Values
  • Using Partial Classes and Methods to Customize Entities
    • Partial Classes in Entity Framework
  • Hooking into Entity Framework Events
    • ObjectContext's ObjectMaterialized Event
    • ObjectContext's SavingChanges Event
    • EntityObject's PropertyChanging and PropertyChanged Events
    • RelatedEnd's AssociationChanged Event
  • Lab 4: Customizing Entities
    • Lab 4 Overview
    • Build and Organize an Entity Data Model
    • Customize an Entity Data Model
  • Code-First Development
    • Domain-Centric Modeling
      • Using Code-First
  • Creating and Using a Model with Code-First
    • Build an MVC 3 Application and Data Model
    • Using the Model in an MVC 3 Application
  • Customizing the Database
    • Conventions
    • Data Annotations
    • DbModeBuilder API
  • Lab 5: Code-First Development
    • Lab 5 Overview
    • Create a Data Model for Code-First
    • Build a Code-First Database and Explore Its Schema
    • Customize a Code-First Database