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In this Camtasia 9 training course, you will learn to create screen recordings and videos that can be shared and accessed by learners using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Your content can be hosted on a web server, Learning Management System, YouTube, Vimeo, TechSmith’s, and more. You will learn how to include recordings of existing PowerPoint presentations or software demonstrations created directly on your computer using the Camtasia Recorder, and you will add animations, voiceover audio, graphics, music, annotations, closed captions, and quizzes to a project.

If you need customized content or another version of this course please contact us.

Live Online Schedule

  • Oct 11
  • Nov 1
  • Dec 6




You will need the following software/setup for this class:

  • TechSmith Camtasia 9


Camtasia 9

  • Exploring Camtasia
    • The Camtasia Interface
    • The Media Bin and Library
    • The Canvas and Timeline
  • The Camtasia Recorder
    • Rehearsals
    • Recording Screen Actions
    • Annotations
    • Recording Effects
  • Adding Media
    • Import a Video
    • Add a Video to the Timeline
    • Import Images
    • Add a Track
    • Create a Watermark
    • Add Cursor Effects
  • Groups, Annotations, Behaviors, and Transitions
    • Create a Group
    • Add a Callout
    • Apply Image Color to Callout Text
    • Add a Behavior to a Callout
    • Add a Transition to a Group
    • Modify Transition Timing
  • Audio
    • Add Background Music to a Video
    • Fade Audio In and Out
    • Record Voice Narration
    • Split a Music Clip
    • Rename Tracks
    • Silence and Cut Audio
  • Sharing
    • Share an MP4
    • Share to YouTube
    • Share with a Smart Player
    • Add a Watermark to a Shared Lesson
  • Extending, Zooming, Trimming, and Interactivity
    • Extend a Video Frame
    • Trim a Video Selection
    • Add a Zoom-n-Pan
    • Add a Marker
    • Add a TOC
    • Add a Hotspot to the Timeline
  • Quizzes and
    • Add a Quiz and Multiple Choice Question
    • Add a Fill In the Blank Question
    • Share to
  • PowerPoint and Captions
    • Record PowerPoint
    • Manually Create Closed Captions
    • Control Caption Timing
    • Use Speech-to-Text to Create Closed Captions