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This course covers the basic skills and concepts students need to use Microsoft Access 2013 or 2016 productively and efficiently. After an introduction to the Access environment, students will learn how to plan databases and create tables. Then they will learn to organize fields and records, and to work with data entry rules. They will learn how to create basic queries and how to work with forms and reports. This course will help students prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Access 2016. For comprehensive certification training, students should complete the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses for Access.

Live Online Schedule

  • Jan 7
  • Feb 8
  • Mar 15




You will need the following software/setup for this class:

Microsoft Office 2013 or higher


Access 2013 / 2016 - Introduction

  • Getting started
    • Database Concepts
    • Exploring the Access environment
  • Databases and tables
    • Planning and designing databases
    • Exploring tables
    • Creating tables
  • Fields and records
    • Changing the design of a table
    • Finding and editing records
    • Organizing records
  • Data Entry rules
    • Setting field properties
    • Working with input masks
    • Setting validation rules
  • Basic queries
    • Creating and using queries
    • Modifying query results and queries
    • Performing operations in queries
  • Using forms
    • Creating forms
    • Using Design view
    • Sorting and filtering records
  • Working with reports
    • Creating reports
    • Modifying and printing reports