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This course gives attendees a broad overview of Agile, with a focus on the popular Scrum framework as an example of how Agile can transform projects within an organization. Attendees will understand the benefits of Agile and be able to consider and discuss possible implementation with their own organization.

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Agile Fundamentals

  • Getting Started with Agile
    • Traditional Project Management (Waterfall)
    • What is Agile?
    • Iterative and Incremental Development Strategies
    • Differences Between Waterfall and Agile
    • The History of Agile
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Frameworks / Methodologies of Agile
  • Using the Scrum Framework
    • The Scrum Framework
    • Scrum Roles
      • Product Owner
      • Scrum Master
      • Scrum Team
        • History of Chickens and Pigs
        • Scrum Team Breakdown
      • Stakeholders
        • Stakeholder Identification
        • Stakeholder Responsibilities
        • Types of Stakeholders
        • Factors Affecting Stakeholder Involvement
      • Customers
    • The Scrum Process
    • What is the Product Backlog?
    • User Stories
    • Sprint Planning
    • Sprint Characteristics
    • Closure
  • Managing Projects with Scrum
    • Estimating User Stories
    • Ideal Days
    • Story Pointing
    • Product Backlog - Estimating Stories Example
    • Product Poker
    • Daily Scrum Meeting
    • Burn-down Chart
    • Progress Charts
    • Metrics for Tracking
    • Best Practices to Manage Scrum
    • Product Owner: Proxy or Facilitator?
  • Success Factors to Implement Agile
    • Resolve Risks in Agile Projects
    • Integration Issues
    • Hardening Issues
    • Blocking Issues
    • Myths about Agile
    • Agile and CMMI
    • Agile and PMBOK
    • Micro-Management with Agile
    • Estimation Challenges
    • Growth Opportunities
    • Scrum of Scrums
    • The Benefits of Agile