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Are you a business owner, web analyst, or online marketing specialist who needs to understand search engine marketing? This is the course for you! In addition to learning the fundamentals of search engine marketing, this course teaches you how to use Google Ads to meet your online marketing needs. You will learn how to navigate Google Ads and how to create and manage ad campaigns using the best strategies related to keyword lists. You will learn how to track ad performance and integrate with Google Analytics. Join us as we do everything from writing ads to managing advertising bids and budgets.

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  • Sep 18 CLOSED
  • Oct 21
  • Nov 7
  • Dec 4




You will need the following software/setup for this class:

  • You should have your own Google AdWords account.


Google Ads

  • Overview of Google Ads
    • The History of Google
    • What is Google Ads?
    • Paid vs. Organic Results
    • How it Works
    • Creating a Google Ads Account
    • The Google Ads Interface
    • Payment Methods
    • AdWords Express
  • Before Getting Started
    • Strategic Planning
    • STP Analysis
    • Personas
    • Goals
  • Keywords
    • Keywords
    • Successful Keyword Strategies
    • Keyword Research Tools
    • Keyword Planner
    • Match Types
    • Landing Pages
  • Creating a Campaign
    • Google Ads Structure
    • Campaign Types
    • Creating a Campaign
    • Campaign Settings
    • Budget
    • Ad Groups
    • Writing and Testing Ads
    • Approval Process
  • Managing and Reporting
    • Pausing an account
    • Managing your account
    • Reports
    • Measuring Success
    • Glossary of Terms