Logical Imagination offers grammar training via our live, instructor-led online classes or as onsite classes at your location.  

If you communicate by composing a letter, memo, report, or email, you will benefit from our grammar courses. These lively and informative sessions demystify the rules and provide practical experience to reinforce learning and build confidence with improved usage.

  • English Grammar Workshop

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    Are your grammar, punctuation and writing skills hurting your professional image? If you communicate in writing (letters, memos, reports, email, etc.), you will benefit from this intensive, two-day course that focuses on the biggest flaws hindering today's employees. Not only do we have an in-depth discussion of each grammar rule, but we show many examples AND do hands-on practice exercises designed to drill the concept into your memory. The goal. . .

    English Grammar Workshop

    • Sentence Fragments
    • The Run-On Sentence
    • The Parts of Speech
    • Commas with Independent and Dependent Clauses
    • Commas After Introductory Constructions
    • Commas and the Short Phrase
    • Interrupters
    • An Interrupter vs. The Conjunctive Adverb
    • Parenthetical Phrases or Clauses
    • Explanatory Elements
    • Appositives
    • Possessive Case
    • The Pronouns Who and Whom
    • Verb Tense
    • Rules for Verb Tenses
    • Mood
    • Squinting Modifiers
    • Misplaced Modifiers
    • Dangling Modifiers
    • Careless Placement of Only
    • Verbal Phrase
    • Parallelism

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