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Are your grammar, punctuation and writing skills hurting your professional image? Or is English your second language, and you could benefit from a grammar review? If you communicate in writing (letters, memos, reports, email, etc.), you will benefit from this intensive, two-day course that focuses on the critical flaws hindering today's professionals. Not only do we have an in-depth discussion of each grammar rule, but we show many examples AND do hands-on practice exercises designed to drill the concept into your memory. The goal is to eliminate your bad writing habits and improve your communication skills!

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Live Online Schedule

  • Sep 25 - Sep 26 CLOSED
  • Oct 30 - Oct 31
  • Nov 21 - Nov 22
  • Dec 19 - Dec 20




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English Grammar Workshop

  • Understanding Sentence Structure and Avoiding Common Errors
    • Sentences, Clauses and Phrases
    • Types of Sentences
    • Common Errors
      • Fragments
      • Run-On Sentences
  • Nouns and Pronouns
    • Types of Nouns and Capitalization
    • Number
    • Noun Usage
    • Personal Pronouns and Common Problems
      • Using the Correct Form
      • Clear Pronoun References
      • Agreement and Inclusive Language
    • Interrogative Pronouns and Common Problems
      • Who/Whom
    • Relative Pronouns and Common Problems
      • Who/Whom, Whoever/Whomever
      • Clear Pronoun References
    • Possessive Pronouns and Common Problems
    • Compound Pronouns and Common Problems
    • Indefinite Pronouns and Common Problems
  • Verbs
    • Types of Verbs
    • Commonly Misused Verbs
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Verb Tenses
    • Shifting Verb Tenses
    • Active and Passive Voice
    • Using the Subjunctive
    • Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases
    • Gerunds and Participles
    • Common Errors with Participles
  • Words That Modify
    • Adjectives
    • Direct and Indirect Articles
    • Correct Placement of Adjectives and Adjectival Phrases and Clauses (Dangling Modifiers)
    • Degrees of Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Correct Placement of Adverbs
  • Connectors and Interjections
    • Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
    • Commonly Confused Prepositions
    • Conjunctions
    • Common Problems with Conjunctions
    • Parallel Structure
    • Conjunctive Adverbs
    • Common Problems with Conjunctive Adverbs
    • Interjections
  • Punctuation
    • End marks
    • Commas
      • Items in a Series
      • Independent Clauses
      • With Adverbial Clauses
      • Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses
      • Introductory Elements
      • Appositives and Short Phrases
      • Interrupters and Parenthetical Elements
    • Other Punctuation
    • Commonly Misused Words
  • The Building Blocks of Good Writing
    • The Sentence—A Review of Key Concepts
    • Choosing Words for Your Audience
    • The Paragraph
    • Creating a Unified Work