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This course is for anyone who wants to develop web pages the professional way, using HTML5 semantic tags to structure the content and CSS3 to format and lay it out on the page. If you are a budding web developer, an experienced web developer who wants to update your HTML/CSS skills to the new standards, or a web developer who still uses tables for page layout when you should be using CSS, this course is for you! But it's also for web programmers, whether they're working in JavaScript or using a server-side language like PHP, ASP.NET, or Java servlets and JSPs. Web programmers are often surprised at the intricacies involved in writing good HTML and CSS code, yet understanding that piece makes them more effective members of the development team.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Oct 23 - Oct 25 CLOSED
  • Nov 25 - Nov 27
  • Dec 11 - Dec 13




HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Web Development
    • How Web Applications Work
    • Introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Tools for Development
    • View Deployed Web Pages
    • Compatibility, Accessibility, and Search Engine Optimization
  • Code, Test and Validate a Web Page
    • HTML Syntax
    • CSS Syntax
    • Test, Debug and Validate
  • Use HTML to Structure a Web Page
    • Code the Head Section
    • Code Text Elements
    • Structure Content of a Page
    • Code Links, Lists and Images
    • Page Layout
  • Use CSS to Format Elements of a Web Page
    • An Introduction to CSS
    • Specify Measurements and Colors
    • How to Code Selectors
    • Working with Text
    • External Style Sheets
  • The CSS Box Model for Spacing, Borders and Backgrounds
    • An Introduction to the Box Model
    • Size and Space Elements
    • Set Borders and Backgrounds
  • CSS for Page Layout
    • Float Elements in 2- and 3-column Layouts
    • CSS3 and Text Columns
    • Position Elements
  • Links and Lists
    • How to Code Lists
    • How to Format Lists
    • How to Code Links
    • How to Create Navigation Lists and Bars
  • Images
    • Types of Images for the Web
    • Include an Image on a Page
    • Resize, Align and Float an Image
    • HTML5 Figure and Figcaption Elements
    • Thumbnails, Image Rollovers and Image Maps
    • Image Editors
    • Favicons
  • Tables
    • Using Tables
    • CSS3 Structural Pseudo-Classes
    • Nest Tables
    • Control Wrapping
  • Forms
    • How to Use Forms and Controls
    • Align, Format and Set Tab Order
    • HTML5 and CSS3 for Data Validation
    • HTML5 Controls
  • Audio and Video
    • Media Types for Video and Audio
    • Video and Audio Codecs
    • How to Encode Media
    • Add Audio and Video to a Web Page
  • Format Web Pages for Printing
  • JavaScript to Enhance Web Pages
    • Introduction to JavaScript and DOM Scripting
    • Using JavaScript to Enhance Web Pages
  • jQuery to Enhance Web Pages
  • jQuery Mobile to Build Mobile Sites
  • Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Features