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HTML5 for Developers is the ideal course for web designers and developers who will be designing web sites and front-end web applications. They will learn HTML5 site design, including the new paradigms for structure, syntax and semantics.

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Students should have some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and, optionally, JavaScript.


HTML5 for Developers

  • History and Motivation behind HTML5
    • History of HTML
    • Goals for HTML5
    • Syntax Changes
    • Browser Support
    • Feature Detection and Modernizr
    • Contrasting HTML5 with Prior Versions
  • HTML5 Structural Elements
    • Defining HTML5 Documents
    • The header Element
    • The nav Element
    • The section Element
    • The article Element
    • The aside Element
    • The footer Element
  • Tackling the Document Outline
    • HTML4 Outlines
    • The HTML5 Outline Algorithm
    • Sectioning Content
    • Using hgroup
    • Avoiding “Untitled Body”
    • Sectioning Roots
  • The Importance of Semantic Markup
    • Microdata Syntax
    • Using Microdata
    • Working with figure and figcaption
    • The mark Element
    • The cite Element
    • The address Element
    • Working with date and time
  • HTML5 Site Design and Page Structure
    • Planning Document Structure
    • The Element Decision Flowchart
    • Checking Document Outlines
    • Coding Document Structure
    • Using Class and ID Attributes
  • Rich Content with HTML5 Media Elements
    • The video Element and Attributes
    • Video Codecs and Cross-browser Support
    • Video Element Events
    • The audio Element and Attributes
    • Audio Codecs and Cross-browser Support
    • Audio Element Events
  • HTML5 Form Enhancements
    • New Form Elements
      • The datalist Element
      • The progress Element
      • The meter Element
      • The output Element
    • New Input-Type Attributes
      • Capturing Email Addresses
      • Building a Web Address
      • Creating a Phone Number Field
      • Number Fields and Number Ranges
      • Invoking the Color Picker
    • New Attributes and Methods
      • The autofocus Attribute
      • The autocomplete Attribute
      • Displaying Placeholder Text
      • The pattern Attribute
      • Regular Expressions
  • Graphics and Animation Using Canvas
    • Preparing the Canvas with getContext()
    • Drawing on the Canvas
    • Drawing Images
    • Animating the Canvas
    • Processing Video on the Canvas
  • Utilizing Geolocation Services
    • Finding Browser Location with getCurrentPosition()
    • Continuous Tracking with watchPosition()
    • Interacting with Google Maps
  • Client Side Data – Simple Storage
    • LocalStorage
    • SessionStorage