Logical Imagination offers Minute-Taking training via our live, instructor-led online classes or as onsite classes at your location.  

Minute-taking is the process of producing an official written record of what took place during a meeting for many reasons, including to keep members of the group who were not in attendance informed about what went on in the meeting. But it's not a simple task, and there is much to know about this critical piece of conducting a successful meeting!

  • Minute-Taker's Workshop

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    The Minute-Taking Workshop is a course for those who find themselves called upon to take minutes but who have little knowledge on how to produce an accurate record of a meeting. You may be faced with ambiguous agreements, a vague agenda, interruptions, a poor chairperson or any number of difficult issues. This course provides practical guidance on how to overcome these and other problems and to take accurate minutes.

    Minute-Taker's Workshop

    Participants are welcome to bring along a copy of minutes from their latest meeting (non-confidential) to critique and compare (optional).

    • Introductions, Objectives and Agenda
    • Exercise and Discussion of Communication Styles
    • Definitions
    • Purpose of Minutes
    • Misconceptions about Minute-Taking
    • Valuable Minute-Taking Skills
    • What makes a meeting unsuccessful?
    • What makes a meeting successful?
    • Cycle of a Meeting
    • Typical Meeting Structure
    • Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
    • The Minute-Taker Before the Meeting
      • Sample Meeting Checklist
    • The Minute-Taker During the Meeting
    • The Minute-Taker After the Meeting
    • Common Questions
    • Useful Words for Minutes
    • Recording Decisions and Actions
    • Business English for Minutes