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This course will prepare students for the current CompTIA Project+ certification exam. It covers the full range of project management concepts students need to know to plan and implement projects. Students will take an in-depth look at all phases of the project life-cycle: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing a project. Learning how to manage business concerns such as scope, cost and time is balanced by thorough coverage of best practices in managing all three. Students will also learn how to create project plans, evaluate project performance, as well as manage change and quality.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Nov 13 - Nov 15
  • Dec 11 - Dec 13




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CompTIA Project+ Certification

  • Project management overview
    • Introduction to project management
    • IT project management
    • Different types of organizational structures
  • Project initiation
    • Stakeholder requirements
    • Business case
    • Requirements analysis
    • Key roles and responsibilities
    • The project charter
    • Stakeholder consensus and approval
  • Project planning, estimating and scheduling
    • Planning phase
    • Defining scope
    • Creating a work breakdown structure
    • Developing time and cost estimates
    • Creating a budget
    • The project team
    • The project schedule
  • Creating project plans
    • The communications management plan
    • The procurement management plan
    • The risk management plan
    • The quality management plan
    • The project management plan
  • Managing people
    • Managing the project team
    • Relationship with customer and sponsor
  • Managing cost and evaluating project performance
    • Tracking
    • Performance reporting
  • Managing change and quality
    • Managing change
    • Managing quality
  • Project closure
    • Closing a project
  • Certification exam objectives map
    • Comprehensive exam objectives
  • Case Studies
    • Billing System Conversion Project
    • ABC Financials Product Database
    • Case study tables