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This course builds on the skills and concepts taught in SAP Crystal Reports - Introduction. Students will learn how to create and use parameter fields, including cascading parameters. They will learn how to build advanced formulas using variables, advanced functions, and constructs. They will also learn how to create and customize charts and maps, apply advanced formatting options to report elements, and create alerts and subreports. Finally, students will work with the Business Objects Enterprise Repository and the Workbench, and they will learn advanced data access techniques including ODBC data sources and SQL query-building.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Sep 26 - Sep 27
  • Oct 30 - Oct 31
  • Nov 25 - Nov 26
  • Dec 16 - Dec 17


SAP Crystal Reports - Introduction


You will need the following software/setup for this class:

You will need the following software:

  • SAP Crystal Reports Professional
  • Microsoft Office
  • A printer driver (An actual printer is not required, but students won’t be able to complete some activities unless a driver is installed.)


Crystal Reports - Advanced

  • Selecting data
    • Parameter fields
    • Defining report elements
  • Advanced formulas and functions
    • Running totals
    • Variables
    • Advanced functions
    • Constructs
  • Charts and maps
    • Working with charts
    • Creating maps
  • Formatting complex reports
    • The Section Expert
    • Advanced conditional formatting
    • Objects
  • Alerts and subreports
    • Report alerts
    • Subreports
  • Data management features
    • The Business Objects Enterprise Repository
    • The Workbench
  • Advanced data access techniques
    • ODBC data sources
    • SQL and the Database Expert