SAP Crystal Reports - Introduction Training


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This course teaches the basic features and functions of SAP Crystal Reports. Students will explore the program environment and learn how to open, navigate, create, modify, and save reports. They will learn the fundamentals of formatting report objects, of sorting and selecting records, and creating groups and summaries. They will also learn how to create simple formulas and functions. Finally, students will work with experts and wizards, and learn how to export reports to various file formats.

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Live Online Schedule

  • Jan 28 - Jan 29
  • Feb 14 - Feb 15
  • Mar 18 - Mar 19
  • Apr 10 - Apr 11
  • May 2 - May 3
  • Jun 17 - Jun 18




You will need the following software/setup for this class:

You will need the following software:

  • SAP Crystal Reports Professional
  • Microsoft Office
  • A printer driver (An actual printer is not required, but students won’t be able to complete some activities unless a driver is installed.)


SAP Crystal Reports - Introduction

  • Getting started
    • The Crystal Reports environment
    • Creating, viewing, and saving reports
    • Modifying report layout
    • The Help feature
  • Formatting
    • Absolute formatting
    • Introducing conditional formatting
  • Sorting and selecting records
    • Sorting records
    • Selecting records
  • Grouping and summarizing
    • Groups
    • Summaries
  • Formulas and functions
    • Formulas
    • Modifying formulas
    • Functions
  • Experts and wizards
    • The Database Expert
    • Report wizards
    • Cross-tab reports
  • Distributing reports
    • Exporting reports
    • Delivering reports