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What hashtags are trending right now? Is your website integrated with popular social media platforms? Would Facebook be a good fit for your organization? Should you have a blog? A talented social media strategist can answer these questions! In this course we will examine the history of social media and how it has changed marketing and advertising initiatives in the world of business. We will tackle the major social media platforms and teach you how to develop and implement an organization's social media strategy. In two short days you will acquire the skills essential for a successful career in social media.

Live Online Schedule

  • Aug 1 - Aug 2
  • Sep 6 - Sep 7
  • Oct 16 - Oct 17
  • Nov 19 - Nov 20
  • Dec 13 - Dec 14




You will need the following software/setup for this class:



  • The Rise of Social Media
  • Conducting Market Analysis
  • Auditing Social Media
  • Setting Goals and Selecting Platforms
  • Creating the Social Media Policy
  • Integrating Marketing Strategies
  • Developing Effective Content
  • Understanding the Popular Platforms
  • Launching Successful Campaigns
  • Managing the Community
  • Providing Customer Service
  • Measuring, Analyzing and Reporting
  • The Social Media Strategist Career