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Successful user-centered design and development requires progressive usability testing to ensure that user needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles are considered throughout the design life cycle. In this course, you learn a variety of usability testing techniques, ranging from simple paper prototype tests to cutting edge remote testing, card sorting to eye tracking. This course is designed for usability practitioners, website/intranet developers, application developers, interface designers and project managers.

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Practical Usability Testing

  • Introduction to Usability Testing
    • The History of Usability Testing
    • What is Usability Testing?
    • The Purpose of Usability Testing
    • Tappers vs. Listeners
    • User Experience Metrics
    • The Benefits of Usability Testing
  • Formulating a UX Test Strategy
    • Ramping Up to a Research Method
      • Define the Objective
      • Determine Research and Data Type
      • Find an Environment
      • Choose a Facilitation Style
      • Determine Study Length
      • Establish Sample Size and Quality
      • Select a Type of Usability Test
    • Writing Usability Test Tasks
    • Asking the Right Questions
  • Common UX Metrics
    • Completion Rates
    • Usability Problems
      • Usability Problem Reports
    • Task Time
    • Efficiency
      • Time-Based Efficiency
      • Overall Relative Efficiency
    • Errors
    • User Satisfaction
    • Likert Scale
    • Customer Satisfaction
  • Research Methodologies
    • Heuristic Evaluation
      • Visibility of System Status
      • Match Between System and Real World
      • User Control and Freedom
      • Consistency and Standards
      • Error Prevention
      • Recognition Rather than Recall
      • Flexibility and Efficiency of Use
      • Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
      • Recognize, Diagnose and Recover from Errors
      • Help and Documentation
    • Focus Groups
    • Prototype Testing
    • Benchmark Studies
    • Competitor Studies
    • 1:1 User Interviews
    • Remote Moderated
    • Remote Unmoderated
    • Card Sorting
    • Tree Testing
    • Diary Studies
    • A/B and Multivariate Testing
    • Preference Testing
    • Longitudinal Studies
    • Surveys
    • Omnichannel Studies
    • Multichannel Studies
  • Moderating Usability Tests
    • Attention is Selective
    • Unreliable Memories
    • Moderating Usability Tests
    • Moderator - Participant Arrangements
    • During the Session
    • During the Remote Session
    • Post-Test Activities
  • Analysis and Reporting