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To increase the usability and effectiveness of your own design projects, it is critical to understand users. This course takes a deep dive into the most current research on what makes people think and act, what motivates them, how they process and remember information, and, most importantly, what they want in products and applications. You will learn the key aspects of human vision, memory, thought, and decision-making that should directly impact design decisions.

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User Experience Foundations

  • Introduction to User Experience
  • The History of UX Design
    • Timeline
    • Keys to Understanding a User
  • Understanding Human Vision
    • Inattentional Blindness
    • Peripheral Vision
    • Reification
    • Similarity and Proximity
    • Continuation
    • Facial Recognition
    • Affordance
    • Color
  • Understanding Human Memory
    • Schemata
    • The Four-Item Rule
    • Recall vs. Recognition
    • Unreliable Memories
  • Understanding Human Thought
    • Mental Processing Loads
    • Cognitive Barriers
    • Progressive Disclosure
    • The Wandering Mind
    • Mental Modes
    • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Understanding Human Decisions
    • Unconscious Decisions
    • Time is Relative
    • Signal Detection
    • Selective Attention
    • Choices
    • Initial Impressions