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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to create a basic XML document, validate an XML document, format and transform XML documents, link XML documents, and access XML documents.

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XML - Introduction

  • Creating an XML Document
    • Introduction to XML
    • Create XML Elements
    • Create Additional XML Components
    • Implement Namespaces
    • Implement XInclude
  • Validating an XML Document
    • Create a DTD
    • Validate XML with a DTD
    • Create a Schema
    • Validate XML with a Schema
  • Formatting and Transforming XML Documents
    • Display an XML Document Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Transform XML to XML
    • Transform XML into HTML
    • Create an XSL-FO Document
    • Display XML Data Using XSL-FO
  • Linking XML Documents
    • Link to an External Document
    • Link to External Sources Using the HTML Namespace
  • Accessing XML Documents
    • Access an XML Document Using XQuery
    • Access an XML Document Using DOM
    • Access an XML Document Using SAX