About Logical Imagination

Who is Logical Imagination?

Logical Imagination, founded in 1990, is a boutique technology firm that provides training, web design and development services, and business consulting to clients worldwide. Our award-winning, experienced designers and developers are comfortable across a range of platforms, and we provide technology training for more than 30% of Fortune 500 companies.

What is a boutique technology firm?

A boutique technology firm is small (fewer than 50 employees), agile, and highly specialized. Our clients consistently site the following benefits of working with us rather than a large firm:

  • Faster TurnaroundIn the time it takes large firms to slog through 16,000 meetings about a project, our team can have the project completed.
  • Greater FlexibilityA small team can react and adjust to changes quickly. Large firms are more like the Titanic, too big to turn in time to miss the iceberg.
  • More ExperienceYou work directly with the owner and senior developers. In fact, the team that pitches your ideas will be the same team that works on your project, so we avoid the “telephone” problem.Website Development with poor communicators is no good.Ever heard of the game Telephone? One person whispers a message to another, which is then passed through a line of people until the last person announces the message to everyone. Invariably, the original message gets lost along the way. This same phenomenon happens on projects when designers and developers only get information funneled through multiple levels of project managers.At Logical Imagination our technology experts do not hide in dark cubicles, waiting for direction on a customer project. Instead, we hire communicators. Every designer and developer at Logical Imagination both trains and consults in his or her area of expertise.Our customers appreciate saving both cost and confusion by being able to talk directly to the people working on their projects!
  • Better Customer ServiceWe are selective about the projects we accept, so customers have our full attention and dedication. We can provide highly personalized service as an alternative to large firms where you fall through the cracks.

Bottom line? If you want to work with a small, dedicated team and get excellent results for a much lower price than you will find at a large firm with massive overhead, Logical Imagination is a great fit for your next project.

Our Philosophy?

Hand Imprint

Simple. We strive to imprint everything we do as professionals with the integrity and sensibility we expect in our personal lives.

This approach impacts Logical Imagination as an organization -- but it also touches our clients, vendors, and others with whom we come in contact.

  • We do things we enjoy.We like what we do, and that has a profound impact on how we do it.
  • We do things well.Our work is an extension of ourselves, so it is important that we produce the highest quality results.
  • We do things to last.Our objective is consistency and value over time rather than artificially inflated or accelerated returns, and our pricing is highly competitive to reflect our lower overhead.

Our Strengths

“Know thyself” is not just good advice for individuals! After 28 years, Logical Imagination has a strong self-identity, which allows us to know if we are the right fit for a project.

  • We do not outsource or hire contractors (although, we might pull in someone with a unique skill, like voice-over talent, at the request of a customer).
  • We excel at project work with deadlines.
  • We excel at projects that a customer cannot do in-house (for example, building an app for a non-profit or developing e-Learning solutions for an overburdened training department).

Logical Imagination relies heavily on repeat business (relationships) and referrals (contagious satisfaction) as the heart of our marketing strategy.

From the beginning, our business has been built — quite literally — one relationship at a time. It has worked for us. Let us work for you.

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