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We design learning
to meet your goals.

Learners are at the center of our iterative, collaborative Design Thinking process.



First, we seek to discover the capabilities, skill gaps, and pain points of the targeted learners. We use qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to gather information.


Next, we unpack the results of our analysis and empathy work to clearly define the goals of our course design and the problems that it needs to solve for the learners and the organization.


Having identified the problem, we turn to creating the training. We seek input from stakeholders and encourage a collaborative approach. All potential solutions are considered and evaluated.


Often, we prototype multiple ideas, involving team members to collaborate and engage with each prototype. The goal of this agile, iterative approach is to "fail" as quickly as possible so that each failure brings us closer to the optimal end design.


Rather than deploying a course and then evaluating it afterward, testing involves earlier deployment to selected learners to discover and correct any issues before full implementation. Constant evaluation is at the core of the entire process.