How to Add Placeholder Text in Microsoft Word

Have you ever wanted to add placeholder text in a Microsoft Word document? For instance, you might be planning the layout for a newsletter or proposal, but you (or another subject matter expert) have not written the articles or text for the project. Placeholder text can be dropped into . . . [more]

The Wonderful World of CSS Processors

What’s the Pre to the Process? CSS pre-processors have been gaining traction for the past several years. Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) has been around since 2006. So, what is a CSS pre-processor? It is a dynamic stylesheet language that extends the functionality of CSS, . . . [more]

Employees Still Need to Learn Microsoft Office

I have been teaching Microsoft Office since the suite was first released in 1990. The big question? Could Microsoft pull computer users away from the most popular products of the day: WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3 and Harvard Graphics? They could. They did. In the world of computer training, t . . . [more]

Is User Experience a Fad?

During student introductions at a recent User Experience Foundations class in Boston, an executive announced, “I’m here to see what this user experience fad is all about.” Many fads have come and gone in the business world. Consider Og Mandino’s “The Greatest . . . [more]